Burgess Laboratory


Prof. Burgess has five well-equipped laboratories in the School of Pharmacy comprising of approximately 4000 ft2. A shared suite of laboratory rooms (~1000 ft2), which includes a class 100 clean room (equipped with laminar flow hoods) and a cell culture facility (~150 ft2). Animal facilities are also located in the basement level of pharmacy building.

Dissolution and Release Testing Laboratory

At 2009 August Board of Trustees meeting, the UConn Board of Trustees approved the naming of one of the research laboratories of Dr. Diane Burgess (Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor) as the SOTAX Dissolution and Release Testing Laboratory. SOTAX has been a generous supporter of Dr. Burgess's cutting edge research by providing in excess of $100,000 in equipment.


The following equipment are available in the Prof. Burgess laboratories: Rotavapor R10 rotary evaporator, Nicomp Particle Sizing System, Accusizer particle Sizer, Malvern ZS90 Zetasizer, waterbaths, dialysis cells, Microfluidizer, Ultrasonic probe, Buchi 190 Mini Spray Dryer, Ultra-Violet Spectrophotometer, Carntel Oscillating Ring Interfacial Rheometer, Kruss Tensiometer, Zetaplus Zeta Potential Analyzer, Pow Gen 7000D Homogenizer, Sonicater Model G 112 SPIT (Laboratory Supply Co Inc.), Perkin Elmer HPLC system, Olympus microscope, Sotax USP4 Dissolution Apparatus, Distek 5001 Bathless Dissolution Apparatus, fluorescence spectrometer (with dual excitation and emission monochromators, temperature- controlled cell holder with mixer), differential scanning calorimeter system, Langmuir film balance, Beckman Coulter Allegra® X-15R Centrifuge, inverted-stage microscope with fluorescence, polarization, and long working distance objectives.

Langmuir balance
Kruss tensiometer K12
Contact angle analyzer
Malvern Zetasizer ZS90
Accusizer particle Sizer
Varian 50 Bio Spectrometer
High shear homogenizer
Sonic dismembrator
Lab stirrer
Buchi B-290 spray dryer
Netzsch media mill
Microfludizer M-110P
Perkin Elmer FLEXAR HPLC system
Perkin Elmer HPLC system 200 series
TSQ quantum ultra triple quad MS/MS
Harvard syringe pump
Beckman Coulter centrifuge
Brookfield rheometer
LIPEX extruder
Rotary evaparator
Olympus microscope
Sotax USP Apparatus II
Distek dissolution apparatus (USP2)
TA DSC Q1000